Archbishop Peter Jensen in Burlington, Ontario

The General Secretary of GAFCON, the Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen, spoke in Burlington today.

Audio from his talk can be found below; the quality is not the best but, of the January Primates’ meeting, the Archbishop can be heard to say, quite clearly: “The January meeting has already been shown to be a complete failure”.

An itinerant minstrel opens in worship:_DSC9991Bishop Charlie’s introduction:
_DSC9995Archbishop Peter Jensen:


2 thoughts on “Archbishop Peter Jensen in Burlington, Ontario

  1. Does anyone else find it frustrating (and with zero other information to go on other than the above quote) that a man in his position would make such a blanket negative statement (if he did)- and yes I know “what if it was” a”total failure”)- there has to be more at play than that…..(?)

    • Regardless of how Archbishop Jensen described the situation, the fact is that the Primates meeting was indeed a total failure. Except for the few that are and were prepared to stand for the Gospel, those present including the ABC were determined to worship the god (notice the small “g”) of political correctness. This is the basic reason for the sharp decline in the Christian community as many clergy are more concerned with the public perception than declaring firmly the true Gospel. The public are generally willing to accept “god” – that is their own perception of what they might call a higher being and indeed there are many gods that fall into that category. However, as Christians – and especially for those who have taken solemn vows at their ordination and again at their consecration – we are called to proclaim the true Gospel which means accepting fully both the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ even if that means going against whatever the local civil governments might want to endorse.

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