Female Anglican priest poses topless for wallpaper

St Michael’s and all Angels Anglican Church in Smethcote “sits on a hill with magnificent views”.

One of the more unusual magnificent views that the parishioners have enjoyed recently is the sight of their 65 year old priest, Rev. Caroline Wright, appearing topless on wallpaper which sells for £100 per roll. No mention is made of whether the paper is embossed.

Lest anyone rashly jump to the conclusion that the exposed reverend was motivated by mere exhibitionism, she is quick to point out that the unrobing, along with 250 other women, was in aid of the “breast awareness charity Coppafeel.” Apparently, “it was really powerful and great fun.”

In all fairness to the topless reverend, the flashing was in a good cause: raising money for breast cancer treatment. Anyone interested in ordering a few rolls can find them at boobwallpaper.com.

One can only hope that male priests don’t start getting similar ideas about “raising awareness” of testicular cancer.

From here:

A female priest has spoken of how she had no hesitation at all before stripping off and posing topless for a charity wallpaper.

Reverend Caroline Wright, an associate priest at St Michael’s Church in Smethcote, Shropshire, was among 250 women who agreed to take part in the photoshoot to raise money for breast awareness charity Coppafeel.

The 65-year-old, who conducts weddings and funerals and plays the organ at the rural 12th century church, said the topless photo shoot by local artist Sam Powley was ‘great fun’.

Reverend Wright, who is a grandmother of 12, who has been ordained for four years, said she had no hesitation in taking part in the project – but she is not revealing where she is on the wallpaper.

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  1. Does anyone else ever question all this “awareness raising”? I don’t think there is any virtue is being aware; the virtue is in actually doing something about any given problem. “Awareness Raising” lets you look good without actually putting yourself out. It’s a great PR crock. Has your awareness been raised today?

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