Order your LGBT vestments here

I don’t normally put advertisements on my blog but, for this worthy cause, I thought I’d make an exception.

EquallyAnglican, a Facebook page dedicated to individuals who “are your LGBTQ friends and family in the Anglican Church of Canada”, is promoting an LGBT priest’s vestments business.

The question is, how would the business react to an order for a vestment embroidered with this message: “I support traditional marriage between one man and one woman”? Would the order be rejected resulting in howls of “discrimination” from the would-be purchaser? Would there be complaints to the Human Rights Commission? Lawsuits? Probably not.

Friends, we are thrilled to officially announce the arrival of #equallyAnglican vestments! Thanks to the amazing Catherine Comor at “Creative Spirit” for this absolutely stunning embroidered stole!

This design would make a perfect gift for the clergyperson in your life, and just in time for Pride month! 🌈 ⛪️

3 thoughts on “Order your LGBT vestments here

  1. Some days it makes you just want to sit down and have good cry….my Church- former Church- has hurt me to my core- wheres the understanding and acceptance for ME?- Wheres MY truth and reconciliation ? Sorry- just venting a bit- perhaps its because we are entering the Easter season

  2. Anything to destroy the true Gospel and promote the gospel of political expediency. What further proof is needed to show the ACoC is no longer Christian. Tragically many in the pews are taken in by this false gospel due to the deceptive leadership of those who are supposed to be shepherds but are proving to be nothing but ravenous wolves.
    We are witnessing a complete rejection of the Gospel due mainly to these apostates who continue to believe their white collars and vestments are sufficient evidence of their positions. If there was a genuine orthodox primate these deceptive worshipers of “political expedience” – otherwise known as “political correctness” would be removed from their positions.

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