Marriage canon CoGS still turning

The Council of General Synod met recently to discuss, among other things, the change to the marriage canon to allow same-sex marriage. The Indigenous representative seems less than happy with the fact that the report “This Holy Estate” has not been translated into Indigenous languages. Moreover, some dioceses are already marrying same sex couples ahead of the 2019 vote to approve them – if they can find any willing specimens, that is.

What the Indigenous member should realise is that, since same-sex marriages are already occurring, the report is irrelevant: it is a fait accompli, no report, listening process, vote, conversation or discussion – respectful or otherwise – is going to make a blind bit of difference. Anglican conservatives have, as usual, been conned and outmaneuvered. Business as usual at CoGS.

During the discussion, one Indigenous CoGS member asked why some dioceses were already marrying same-sex couples, which her people did not understand given that the church was currently debating passing an amendment to the marriage canon to change the rules.

One thought on “Marriage canon CoGS still turning

  1. In spite of all the, “Truth and Reconciliation” posturing, the ACoC is displaying the same paternalistic attitude toward First Nations People that was responsible for the residential schools debacle. “Don’t worry little people. We’re white. We’re liberal. We’re progressive. We know better than you. We know what’s best.”
    Consciously or unconsciously, they continue to treat them as less worthy than themselves.

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