How to end violence, Anglican style

Hold up a sign to declare your opposition to it.

Here is Anglican Primate, Fred Hiltz, doing his bit to stamp out sexual and gender-based violence.

The BDSM community must feel so excluded.

The alternative to this vacuous ecclesiastical virtue signalling might be to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ – you know, the real one where Jesus wants to transform us, not the watery ACoC version dedicated to affirming us and all our desires no matter how murky.

6 thoughts on “How to end violence, Anglican style

  1. One needs to ask Fred Hitlz when is both the ACoC and himself going to make a firm statement on the aspect of sexuality. To date he seems to accept the argument of those who claim to be bi-sexual or homosexual. Both are in complete opposition to the WORD and there is nothing whatever in the WORD to support this statement that has been readily endorsed by those who worship the “god of political expediency”. It is fully understandable why the majority of people reject any adherence to the true church when you have leaders like Fred Hiltz who clearly reject the Gospel. Sexual violence will only be eliminated when churches including the ACoC return to the true Gospel.

  2. Yet again Hiltz is more concerned about sex than about the survival of the Church that he is responsible for. This man has his priorities completely screwed up.

  3. I really don’t understand. I believed that we had long ago affirmed the worth of all God’s children and deplored violence. Wouldn’t it be more to the point just to tell folks to quit hurting each other? (That could be an opportunity to use quotations that might actually preach the gospel.)

  4. Does he think he looks anything but silly here? Frank, you know that if he does make a, ‘…firm statement of the aspect of sexuality,” what it will be – predictable.

  5. When bishops teach homosex, they forfeit authority in any other sphere of sex-ethics. Like all perversions, including easy divorce, homosex simply privileges the male orgasm in the age-old way. Moses, Jesus and the early Church refused to do that. But everything old is new again …

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