Franklin Graham vs the Anglican Church of Canada

Franklin Graham’s Vancouver crusade seems to have been a great success.

Mission accomplished: 2,318 people made a commitment to Christ.

Received via email:

What an amazing weekend at the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope.

Over the three nights, 34,406 people attended in person, with 1929 people going forward to make a commitment to Christ.  On top of that, 65,429 people from seventy-six countries watched the Festival of Hope online, with 389 people making a commitment to Christ online.  We are rejoicing for lives that have been touched for eternity.  It was such a privilege to serve on the Festival of Hope Executive, led by Pastor Guilio Gabeli with the invaluable wisdom of the Festival Director David Ingram.  The Billy Graham family and the Billy Graham team are such quality people.  We are particularly grateful for Dion and Tammy Collins who served on the ground as Assistant Director and Office Manager.  An unexpected treat was to have the grandson of Billy Graham, Will Graham, join his Dad Franklin Graham for the Festival.  This was Will’s third time here, since he helped us kick off the Festival and then led 500 young people to Christ at Vancouver Missions Fest this January.

As an antidote to Franklin Graham’s blatant promotion of Christianity, Anglicans sponsored a multi-faith event to celebrate diversity.

Mission accomplished: 0 people made a commitment to Christ.

From here:

People from many faiths met twice early in March in Vancouver to show support for one another at two well-attended public meetings that celebrated diversity and took a stand against acts of hatred.

Both gatherings were in reaction to concerns about an upsurge in anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of social conflict that seem to have accompanied the inauguration of the new administration in the United States.

That American political problems have spilled into Canada was suggested by a bomb threat the previous week which resulted in the evacuation of Vancouver’s Jewish Community Centre (no bomb was found), and by controversy surrounding a three-day campaign in Vancouver led by Franklin Graham, an American evangelist who once called Islam “a very evil, a very wicked religion” and supported a ban on Muslim immigration in the U.S.

Anglicans were involved in sponsoring both gatherings. The first took place on March 7 at Vancouver’s Or Shalom Synagogue. It was sponsored by the synagogue and the diocese of New Westminster and featured talks, chants, songs, meditation, and even dancing, from a wide variety of faith traditions.

It was followed two days later by a presentation  at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church involving a rabbi, an imam, and a bishop entitled “Hope Amidst the Politics of Fear: Conversations for Creative Resistance.” This event was organized by St. Andrew’s and Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver.

5 thoughts on “Franklin Graham vs the Anglican Church of Canada

  1. I am totally confounded by the obvious belief in “political expediency” and/or that deceptive phrase “political correctness” that has obviously taken over the ACoC and other so-called Christian churches. The teachings of the Qua-ran are clearly negative toward Christianity and our Lord despite the suggestion of the apostates such as many of the so-called bishops in the ACoC that we worship the same “god” The truth is that genuine Christians worship the God of the Scriptures whereas Islam clearly teaches that Christ was NOT the Son of God and definitely was not divine. Further Islam teaches that unbelievers — that is those who do not accept their beliefs — should be killed.

    Rather than having an alternative gathering those who are supposed to be leaders within the ACoC and other churches claiming to be Christian should have stood front and centre in support of Rev. Franklin Graham. There is only ONE true God and that is found in the Scriptures — NOT the Qua-ran or in the books of any other world religion.

  2. Franklin Graham calls Islam an evil religion and is vilified for it. What does a group have to do then to earn disapproval? Isn’t FGM enough? Polygamy? Calling for death to those who support free speech? How far will they need to go? Enquiring minds want to know.

    • Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      One of 100+ explicit commands to deal with infidels. Peaceful my ….!

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