At last, some good news from the Anglican Church of Canada

They are running out of money.

The end is nigh. It must be, because no organisation, let alone church, can possibly survive if it finds itself groping for answers to questions like: “Why do we exist?” and “What is our purpose?”

All the shiny things adorning the beloved primate are coming soon to a pawn shop near you.

From here:

The likelihood that the church’s revenue will stagnate in coming years means it might want to think carefully about its priorities, Fraser Lawton, bishop of the diocese of Athabasca and a member of the financial management committee, said in a presentation to Council of General Synod (CoGS) Saturday, November 11.

“The trends as we go forward, looking ahead over a number of years, suggest that we need to be mindful of what appears to be a probability of declining income,” Lawton said. “It might be wise for us to think about what are the critical things…Why do we exist as General Synod? What is our purpose, what is the priority in terms of funding?”

More than 90% of General Synod’s net income comes from the dioceses, Lawton said, but almost all of them are “having some conversations” about their own financial future. Given this, he said, “if everything continues as is, the day is going to come when we’re going to have to make some very hard decisions.”

One thought on “At last, some good news from the Anglican Church of Canada

  1. As long as the ACoC continues to be controlled by apostates including the primate it cannot claim to be Christian but rather an organization that gladly endorses and worships the detestable god of political expediency. Further having used the civil courts which have no interest in the Gospel to seize properties which have been paid for by orthodox Christians the ACoC can hardly expect anything less than the judgement. The time has long since past for the primate and his apostate colleagues to realize it takes more than a purple shirt and a white collar to make a bishop – let alone a Christian. Currently they remain enemies of the Gospel and show absolutely no sign of repentance.

    The only hard decision that is necessary is for these apostates to make a public confession accompanied with repentance which would include returning properties that have been “legally stolen”.

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